• New Elbow Creek Bridge opens

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    Frontenac County Frontenac County officials, guests, and residents gathered for a ribbon-cutting ceremony to open the newly replaced Elbow Creek Bridge in Central Frontenac, December 15.

    The bridge is located near kilometre 57 of the Frontenac K&P Trail, about 2km south of Fish Creek Rd and 2km north of Ball Rd. The crossing and that section of trail closed on October 2 so construction crews could replace the previous fiberglass-and-wood structure with new concrete foundations to support a new prefabricated steel span with timber deck. The new bridge has an increased load capacity, is more durable, and will be serviceable for many years to come.

    “It’s my pleasure to see this new bridge open on behalf of Frontenac County Council,” says Frontenac County Warden Ron Vandewal. “The County made this investment because the ongoing development and growth of the Frontenac K&P Trail remains central to our economic development strategy. The trail is for everyone who lives in or visits Frontenac to enjoy. I want to thank all those who contributed time and money to achieving this milestone.”

    The $440,000 project is funded by the County of Frontenac with significant financial contributions from The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs, Trans Canada Trail, and The Frontenac ATV Club. Design, fabrication, and construction on the project were managed by Keystone Bridge Management Corp, Algonquin Bridge, and Crains’ Construction Ltd.

    “We extend sincere congratulations to Frontenac County for the opening of the Elbow Creek Bridge on the K&P Trail,” says Eleanor McMahon, President and CEO of Trans Canada Trail. “This collaborative achievement reflects our steadfast commitment to preserving historic pathways for everyone to enjoy – today, and for generations to come.”

    The Elbow Creek Bridge is now open to the public, enhancing the accessibility and appeal of the K&P Trail for outdoor enthusiasts.

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  • Elbow Creek Bridge - Progress Update

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    The existing bridge has been removed at Elbow Creek and preparations for the new prefabricated bridge are almost completed, well ahead of the bridge's arrival. The new bridge will be delivered and installed in mid November. Below are photos of the works under way.

    Bridge partially removed.

    Foundation concrete pour

    Excavator removing existing piles

    Foundation for bridge footings

  • Elbow Creek Bridge Replacement (Trail Closure)

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    The County of Frontenac is replacing the K&P Trail bridge located at Elbow Creek. To facilitate this work, the K&P Trail will be closed between Ball Road to Fish Creek Road beginning on October 2, 2023. The K&P Trail will be closed between KM 56 near Ball Road and Fish Creek Road (approximately KM 59.5) to all users. This 3.5 kilometre closure is to facilitate the access of construction equipment to the project sites and to ensure that the public is not at risk during the process of replacing the bridges. Please plan your trail trips accordingly and enjoy the other sections of the K&P trail during the closure this fall.

    For K&P Trail maps https://www.frontenaccounty.ca/en/things-to-do/kp-trail.aspx#


    The Elbow Creek Bridge was constructed in 2015 along with the Fish Creek Bridge using a proprietary system of prefabricated bridge construction, consisting of fibreglass and wood. In 2017 it was discovered that the Fish Creek Bridge was failing as the material sealing the bridge deck was permitting water inside the structure, causing the wood to expand and push against the construction. The deck of this bridge was replaced in August of 2018.

    During the spring of 2021, it was discovered that a similar structural failure was taking place on the Elbow Creek Bridge. Subsequent investigations revealed that the bridge can support significant static loads but that it is in a deteriorating condition. In response, the County has had the bridge monitored by professional engineers and limited the size of vehicles using the bridge. After evaluating several recommendations for replacement, it was determined that the purchase and placement of a prefabricated structure with a load limit of 12 tonnes would be the most cost-effective solution without impacting the operation of the trail.

    The work of replacing the bridge is expected to take 6-8 weeks, and will require a complete closure of the trail at Elbow Creek. As such, the work and trail closure has been scheduled during late fall, a very slow time for trail traffic. This schedule also permits space for additional weeks of work, if necessary, in late November prior to freeze-up or snowmobile season.

    Oclean Lane

    The Township of Central Frontenac is also replacing the bridge at Oclean Lane on a similar schedule. The Oclean Lane bridge is located near the Elbow Creek Bridge, and in order to realize any possible efficiencies the contract for site works was jointly tendered and awarded to the same contractor. Work at both locations will take place during the closure period.

    Funding Support & Partnership

    The replacement of the Elbow Creek bridge has been made possible with financial assistance from the Trans Canada Trail, the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs and the Verona District ATV Club.

  • Request to Extend ATV Access on the K&P, Verona to Harrowsmith

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    Frontenac County Council has received a request to extend ATV access on the Frontenac K&P Trail south from Bellrock Road in the village of Verona to the village of Harrowsmith and is reaching out to neighbours of the trail in this area to allow input on allow ATV use on this section of the trail.

    You can provide your perspective by completing a brief survey before June 21,2023. The survey, public meeting details and additional background information can be found at: https://engagefrontenac.ca/extended-access-for-atvs-on-k-p-trail

  • Frontenac K&P Trail By-Law

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    On September 21, 2022 County Council passed Bylaw No. 2022-0033 - A By-Law to Regulate and Govern the Use of the Frontenac K&P Trail.

    The By-law mandates certain criteria on the trail to ensure the safety and well being of all trail users, as well as respects and protects the natural environment of trail, and Frontenac in general. Key provisions of the By-law include:

    • Limitations on the use of motorized vehicles on the trail;
    • Formally establishing prohibited activities on the trail such as littering, not picking up after pets, camping, hunting, discharging a weapon or firearm, starting or feeding a fire, and, disturbing the natural habitat of the trail.
    • Ensuring the safety of pedestrians by creating offences regarding interfering with and / or failing to yield to pedestrians
    • Establishing speed limits on the trail, including Community Safety Zones through the hamlets and villages, where speed limits are reduced to 20 km/hour

    Violations of this Bylaw will be addressed through the County's Administrative Penalty process. The following penalty amounts for offences as these penalties are meant to enforce compliance and deter future contraventions.

    By-law Section

    Short wording

    Penalty Amount


    Permitted a motorized vehicle on the trail –Motorized Vehicles prohibited - Signed



    Speeding in excess of 50 KM - Signed



    Speeding in excess of 20 KM - Signed



    Failed to yield to a pedestrian



    Tampered or removed signage


    8.1 d)

    Failed to pick up after pet


    8.1 e)

    Fail to control a pet, including dogs and horses


    8.1 f)

    Camping on the trail


    8.1 g)

    Hunting on the trail


    8.1 j)

    Started or fed an open fire


    8.1 k)

    Disturbed Natural Features without consent


    8.1 l)

    Operated a dirt bike or motorcycle on the trail



    Created a barrier or obstruction the trail without consent



    Undertook excavation upon the Trail without consent



    Deposited soil, fill, gravel, stone, concrete, asphalt, sod or turf on the Trail without consent



    Dumped or deposited debris or refuse on the Trail



    Operated a business or consignment stand on the Trail/Trail Head without consent


    Administrative Penalty Fee Failing to pay the AMP by the date on which it is due.


    Screening Officer Appeal Fee


    Hearing Officer Appeal Fee


    Administrative Penalty Fee Failing to appear for a hearing before the Hearings Officer.


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  • K&P Trail Development Phase 6: Clarendon to Wilbur

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    Over the course of the last 12 years, Frontenac County has undertaken the redevelopment of the former K&P rail corridor into a multi-use recreational trail, known as the Frontenac K&P Trail. This trail establishes a north-south trail spine connecting many communities through our region. To date, 70 kilometers of the former railway have been redeveloped between the City of Kingston boundary and Clarendon Station.

    The County is now pursuing the development of the multi-use trail between Clarendon Station and Lanark County, passing through the former K&P Railway stations of Robertsville, Mississippi, and Snow Road. This rehabilitation project will involve approximately 20 km of trail and 6 bridge structure.

    Construction is scheduled to begin in the Spring of 2022.

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  • Verona Trailhead to reopen May 20

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    With the most of the upgrades to the Verona Trailhead now complete, the site can open for use over the May long-weekend. Line-painting, topsoil and grass-planting will take place shortly, along with some new signage to support wayfinding on the trail and within the village of Verona.

  • Improvements to Verona Trailhead to Restart April 4

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    The County of Frontenac asks all residents and visitors to please avoid parking at the Verona Trailhead during the week of April 4-8, 2022 in order to facilitate the pouring of new curbs. This access point to the K&P Trail, located at 6503 Road 38, will undergo several upgrades over the course of April and May to improve access to the K&P Trail including:

    • Installation of curbs
    • Seeding of grass and planting
    • Safety improvements
    • Paved parking lot surface
    • New wayfinding signage

    Work began in November of 2021 and included levelling and grading the site in preparation for the work this spring. If you have any questions regarding the works taking place at the Verona Trailhead, please direct them to Richard Allen, Manager of Economic Development by email or by calling (613) 548-9400 ext 330.

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  • Edge Protection Installations Complete

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    The edge protection installations scheduled for 2021 have now been completed. New installations have been made a the following locations:

    Trail KM




    44.758465⁰ N

    76.685876⁰ W


    44.749704⁰ N

    76.689208⁰ W


    44.736880⁰ N

    76.688582⁰ W


    44.701612⁰ N

    76.667758⁰ W


    44.683028⁰ N

    76.662602⁰ W


    44.651799⁰ N

    76.683516⁰ W


    44.59265⁰ N

    76.67871⁰ W

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  • Works completed at Verona Trailhead until 2022

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    Initial remediation work has now been completed at the Verona Trailhead. This includes removal of existing asphalt, leveling and grading of the site, drainage improvements and placement of new aggregates and creation of new trail entrances from the parking area. Paving, seeding of the topsoil, and placement of fencing and curbs will take place in the spring.

    New trail entrance from the Verona Trailhead

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