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Frontenac K&P Trail By-Law

On September 21, 2022 County Council passed Bylaw No. 2022-0033 - A By-Law to Regulate and Govern the Use of the Frontenac K&P Trail.

The By-law mandates certain criteria on the trail to ensure the safety and well being of all trail users, as well as respects and protects the natural environment of trail, and Frontenac in general. Key provisions of the By-law include:

  • Limitations on the use of motorized vehicles on the trail;
  • Formally establishing prohibited activities on the trail such as littering, not picking up after pets, camping, hunting, discharging a weapon or firearm, starting or feeding a fire, and, disturbing the natural habitat of the trail.
  • Ensuring the safety of pedestrians by creating offences regarding interfering with and / or failing to yield to pedestrians
  • Establishing speed limits on the trail, including Community Safety Zones through the hamlets and villages, where speed limits are reduced to 20 km/hour

Violations of this Bylaw will be addressed through the County's Administrative Penalty process. The following penalty amounts for offences as these penalties are meant to enforce compliance and deter future contraventions.

By-law Section

Short wording

Penalty Amount


Permitted a motorized vehicle on the trail –Motorized Vehicles prohibited - Signed



Speeding in excess of 50 KM - Signed



Speeding in excess of 20 KM - Signed



Failed to yield to a pedestrian



Tampered or removed signage


8.1 d)

Failed to pick up after pet


8.1 e)

Fail to control a pet, including dogs and horses


8.1 f)

Camping on the trail


8.1 g)

Hunting on the trail


8.1 j)

Started or fed an open fire


8.1 k)

Disturbed Natural Features without consent


8.1 l)

Operated a dirt bike or motorcycle on the trail



Created a barrier or obstruction the trail without consent



Undertook excavation upon the Trail without consent



Deposited soil, fill, gravel, stone, concrete, asphalt, sod or turf on the Trail without consent



Dumped or deposited debris or refuse on the Trail



Operated a business or consignment stand on the Trail/Trail Head without consent


Administrative Penalty Fee Failing to pay the AMP by the date on which it is due.


Screening Officer Appeal Fee


Hearing Officer Appeal Fee


Administrative Penalty Fee Failing to appear for a hearing before the Hearings Officer.


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