Vision, Goals and Guiding Principles for the Official Plan

On June 15, 2021, Council passed a resolution supporting the following vision, goals and Guiding Principles for the new Official Plan.


South Frontenac is a progressive, forward-looking municipality that balances facilitating growth that meets the needs of all our residents with environmental leadership in the protection of our outstanding natural assets to enhance the exceptional lifestyle, rural character, and economic opportunities offered by the Township.


  1. We support our villages to meet the daily needs of our residents through all stages of their lives.
  2. We are leaders in the protection of our environmental areas and lakes to support the quality of life in South Frontenac.
  3. We support a wide range and scale of businesses that contribute to the vitality of our community and enhance investment in villages and rural areas of the Township.
  4. We support the enhancement of the rural character through the way we manage growth, support rural land uses, and by recognizing the cultural heritage of the Township.

Guiding Principles:

  1. Be open-minded in consideration of potential solutions which may meet the unique needs of the community.
  2. Adopt a sustainability lens, which considers the social, environmental and economic impacts of decisions.
  3. Consider the impacts of climate change on the future of our community and do our part to mitigate, adapt, and increase our resilience to those impacts.
  4. Work with, understand, and integrate First Nation’s interests in the future of South Frontenac.
  5. Be equitable and transparent, inviting input from community members frequently and in meaningful ways.
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