2024 Long-Range Financial Plan

Most people are familiar with a budget: a single-year view of the Township’s income and expenses, but some people may not be as familiar with a Long Range Financial Plan.

A Long Range Financial Plan is a key tool to help municipalities plan for the future and challenges such as infrastructure costs, impacts from climate change, economic uncertainty, legislative changes, capacity pressures and increased expectations from residents related to service delivery. It helps us plan for tomorrow, while addressing the priorities and needs of today.

It includes key projections, like population growth figures, what we can expect to collect in taxes, assessment, inflation and projects operating expenses and revenue for a 10 year period. The plan also includes important information on the financial health of the Township.

It’s important to understand Council is not committed to any of the items or figures included in the plan. It is simply a forecast to help plan ahead for anticipated future needs. Everything continues to go through the annual budget approval process.

You can read our Long Range Financial Plan which was presented to Council at the November 7, 2023 Council meeting in the Documents pane.

Did you know?

South Frontenac has one of the lowest residential tax bills when compared to neighbouring municipalities? See the plan for full details!

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